remedix medicinal products help to reduce the drugs costs in the German health sector in a sustainable manner

Within the European Union, the products are sold by the various manufacturers at varying prices in the respective EU Member States. remedix uses this price difference in order to be able to offer original goods e.g. in Germany.

In Germany alone, hundreds of millions of euros can be saved in the health sector through the sale of EU-Medicinal Products.

In contrast to generics, EU-Medicinal Products are original products from the drugs manufacturers who conduct the research, most of which are still protected by patent. Therefore, remedix’s EU -Medicinal Products are both researched and innovative medicinal products.

In general, remedix EU- Medicinal Products are divided up into:


This term describes brand-name products which are manufactured in Germany and are then sold to a European country. remedix then buys these products in the respective country and then re-imports them back into e.g. Germany.


This term describes brand-name products which are produced by the original manufacturers in another European country. These are then purchased by remedix in the respective country and imported to e.g Germany.