What are EU pharmaceuticals?

EU pharmaceuticals are original branded medicines from international pharmaceutical companies that are purchased cheaply from other countries in Europe and imported. In terms of effectiveness and quality, they are completely identical to the original preparations and are also subject to all of the laws and standards of German medicines legislation. The lower prices come about through the difference in market prices between other EU countries and Germany. Essentially, there are two forms of import: re-imports and parallel imports.

You will find further information on imported pharmaceuticals at www.die-arzneimittel-importeure.de

In general, remedix EU drugs are divided into:


Re-imports are branded preparations that are produced by a pharmaceutical company in Germany and exported to an EU country. We purchase these medicines from a pharmaceutical wholesaler in an EU country and import them back to Germany.

parallel imports

Parallel imports are also branded preparations from multi-national pharmaceutical companies. They are originally manufactured in another EU country and then imported into Germany.